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After practicing interventional cardiology for over a decade, CCI’s founder, Dr. Parag Doshi, created a new vision for a cardiology practice. In 2009, CCI was founded in order to provide patients the latest in diagnostics, testing and expert care with the cost efficiency and comfort unique to an independent practice. Today, CCI features accredited echo and nuclear labs that comply with rigorous quality and protocols. All of CCI’s physicians are board certified with training from leading academic centers.

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I have bad veins in my legs I was referred by my foot doctor and primary doctor to see Dr. Parag Doshi. I did see Dr. Doshi and he is really easy to talk to and very professional. He made me feel that my veins were important and we decided to do the vein procedures. I have had the vein procedures and my legs feel great. I never knew the difference until I had them done. Very painless and recovery is fast. Dr. Doshi is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone.

Janet S., Patient

Dr. Sager is one of the best doctors I have ever met. Takes very good care of his patients, takes the time to explain every detail in layman’s terms, he is very caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to everyone. The entire staff is caring, they care about the well being of the patients. They always have a smile on their face.

Robert R., patient

During follow up with my Cardiologist, Dr Doshi addressed a problem with my varicose veins. I had been having cramps in my legs as well as swelling in my feet. Dr. Doshi performed ultrasounds along with sclerotherapy and catheter treatment to eliminate the varicose veins. Almost immediately after treatments, the swelling in my feet and the cramps in my legs disappeared.

Annette S., Patient

One will have to twist an artery to get a review from me. This time, none of these, while I post. 2015 was when I first met Dr. Sager during a pacemaker procedure. More than 2 years later, I feel great. I am very thankful to Dr “Sa-ger” and I call him Dr “Sa-vior

Jesus D., Patient

My husband recently had a situation with sudden onset chest pain, and he was treated by Dr. Doshi’s associates. We could have gone to any Cardiologist, but Dr. Doshi is the best.

I have complete confidence in Dr. Doshi and the specialists in his Cardiology practice. They have treated my husband and I with complete excellence and professionalism. I would recommend friends and family to this practice.

Annette S., Patient

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